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Sharing Private DNS between VPCs with Route53

I recently ran into a configuration that had multiple accounts and VPCs that needed to share Route53 Private Private Hosted Zone records between them. Each account had it’s own Route53 private DNS, but in some cases services in each account needed to access hosts by name in other Accounts/VPCs.

Blogging with Jekyll and S3

I did a fair bit of research before I moved my blog off it’s fancy WordPress site to a static site that could be hosted in S3. There are a lot of ways you could go with this one, some of them are pretty complex - like writing my own HTML and managing content that way - yuck. I wanted something simple, that I could easily update.

AWS Workspaces Keyboard on Mac

Recently, I set up an AWS Workspace configuration for a client. I ran into an interestingly frustrating issue. When I launched the Workspace client from my Mac (macOS Sierra) the mouse would work just fine, but no keyboard input would be sent across. I spent a bit of time Googling and reading the developer forums, which selected quite a few possibilities, which I tried. Like many folks out there, none of the fixes presented solved my problem.

Updating the Blog

I am a Cloud Architect. I help clients, friends and family get into the Cloud and encourage them to put everything that makes sense into the Cloud. I recently started thinking about the fact that I host my relatively low tech and often ignored blog, on WordPress with lots of features and plugins I never look at or use. In the spirit of eating my own steak (I won’t eat dogfood), I decided to move my blog to AWS S3.

In preparation for the chage, I made a couple of decisions about my site. The first being that most of my content was outdated and I really didn’t want to carry it forward. I had a few posts that I liked and would bring back - but the rest is gone. Most of the technical content was years old and for the most part outdated. It’s for the best…

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.