It Is What It Is Jeff’s Home Improvement List

Jeff’s Home Improvement List

I’ve been the homeowner for several home remodels. Over that time, I’ve built of a list of contractors that I’ve worked with that I trust and call whenever I have things that need to be done. I figured I’d share my list so that anyone that needs someone has a list of people to try.

Blue Rock Electric
Phone: (720) 440-4191

Vigil Landscaping
Owner: Jose Vigil
Phone: (720) 309-0233

Fencing & General Contracting
4 Eighteen Contracting
Owner: Jay Bugarin
Phone: (970) 405-4226‬

Conservation Concrete
Owner: Robert Campbell
Phone: (720) 436-8571

General Contractor
Armstrong Construction and Design
Owner: Chris Armstrong

Kitchen Design & Cabinets
Kitchens on Broadway
Contact: Stacy McFadden
Phone: (720) 481-3388

Insulation and Cooling
Colorado Insulation & Whole House Fans
Phone: (303) 229-8598

Brothers Plumbing, Heating, and Electric
Phone: (303) 451-5057

Interior and Exterior Painting
E&A Painting
Phone: (420) 378-0903

Hardwood Flooring
Colorado Hardwood Floors
Owner: Jason Burnett
Phone: (720) 677-5583

Mainline Replacement / Perimeter Drains
Pipeline Solutions, LLC
Owner: Manuel Guerrero
Phone: (720) 312-9102

Fireplace Installations and Maintenance
Fire & Hearth Solutions
Owner: Lucas Chavez
Phone: (720) 347-9345

Chimney Repair & Maintenance
Total Home Improvement Service
Phone: (720) 278-5802

Sprinkler Repairs
Calaway Sprinklers
Phone: (720) 737-6936
Sage Solutions
Phone: (303) 578-7054

Garage Doors
The Garage Geek
Phone: (720) 649-8968

General Handyman (everyone needs a handy guy)
Steve Martinez
Phone: (720) 278-5802

Note: I’m not affiliated with any of these contractors. They’ve done good work for me in the past. Word of mouth is important, so I’m sharing the good experience. I do know some other guys that do drywall, painting but they don’t have companies so far as I know.