Syncing iPhoto Library to Google+ Photos

I have been running OS X for quite some time now and have had just about every version of iPhone that is out there.  After switching to a Samsung Galaxy S4, one of the things that really frustrated me was the lack of an easy way to sync my pictures taken pre-Android into my Google+ Photo Library.  A while back, Google announced that photos stored in Drive can now show up in Google+ Photos.  The question then became, how to synchronize them into Drive?

I found a process that requires a few steps, but ultimately lets you sync your photos and keep the events and data associated with them.  It’s not an overly complicated process, but you will need to play with it a bit.

Download PhoShare from, and the required Exiftool from Install them both. (Mountain Lion users, you mat need to change your security settings to enable unsigned apps, just follow the instructions at

Open PhoShare. It should find your iPhoto library.  Don’t change any settings on the “Library” tab.  The “.” under Events will tell PhoShare to export all your events.  You can get fancy and write some options to limit what is exported if you want to.

Change to the “Files” tab and select your export folder.  Since I already had the Google Drive Sync tool installed, I created a folder called iPhotoExports and pointed PhoShare to back up there.

Change to the “Metadata” tab.  Select “export metadata”, “export GPS data” and “Copy faces into metadata”.  (if you want these options selected)

Click Export. This will take some time, which will vary depending on your computer, Internet connection and the size of your library.

Once they’re all exported, you’re ready to go.  If you already had the Google Drive Sync tool installed, and pointed the export to a folder in your Google Drive folder, then the photos should already be syncing.  If not, you’ll need to install the tool and then copy the export folder over to your Google Drive folder.

Just leave it going in the background. Your photos will soon show up in Google+ Photos, with hopefully a whole host of new AutoAwesome shots for you to share with the world.

A brief warning…

These photos could very quickly use up all your storage space. So go to your Google+ settings and make sure the “Upload my photos at full size” option isn’t checked.



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