Sharing Printers from Ubuntu to Windows (focus on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic)

We’re going to take the easy way, it’s a home network and doesn’t need industrial security.  If you’re the type of person that wants to go above and beyond, just for the experience, I’m sure a quick *sic* read through the Samba configuration docs will point you in the right directions.  There is plenty of Enterprise level documentation out there for Ubuntu.

This detail will primarily focus at people who want to *try* Ubuntu and may be looking at moving from Windows.  I am not going to assume a lot of experience with the command line, but there is a little bit that I did to make it work.  Here is a critical note with any linux OS, back up any file before you edit it.  You can then always go back to the pristine/working file and start over if you need to.  System configurations vary, as to versions of Ubuntu – so your mileage may vary with these instructions – it goes without saying that you should understand what you are doing BEFORE you do it, I’ll do my best to explain but you are responsible for your computer and the results, not me.

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