Wii Parental Controls

Well, today is Easter.  That means, if anything is going to go wrong with the kids’ gaming system, today is the day.  Why?  Because you can’t call tech support on a holiday (or a weekend for that matter) and get help.

My son wanted to play on the Wii and download one of the games that requires Wii Points.  Like any responsible parent would, I enabled Parental Controls on the Wii when I set it up.  And like 90% of the parents out there (based on the google searches I found), I somehow managed to forget the PIN.  After trying every combination of numbers I could think I’d ever use, the Wii decided I’d gone too far, and asked me my recovery question.  “What is my favorite movie?”  Now, this should not be a hard question!  But… every attempt in that area failed too!  Still no Parental Controls unlock.

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