Pictures & Screenshots on the iPad

There are quite a few photography applications for the iPad in the App Store already.  At first, I wondered why you would want to transfer photos to your computer then sync your iPad to edit them.  If you are at your computer already, why not use the tools you have there.  I was at the Apple Store this weekend wishing I could buy it all and found a really cool accessory for the iPad.  Behold, The Camera Connection Kit; now it all makes sense…

This handy little device lets you connect your camera’s USB cable to the iPad or plug in your SD Card and transfer the pictures to your iPad.  If you take a lot of pictures and want to sort, edit and share while you are away from your computer, this is a necessity (along with a really good editing app on your iPad).

I am not heavily into photography, but being in IT I do take screenshots from time to time to help write up documentation or capture something interesting.  To take a screenshot on an iPad, iPod or iPhone you simply press the power button and while holding it down press the home button.

Once I did this, the question that came to mind:  “How do I get the pictures and screenshots off the iPad?”

Syncing my iPad with iTunes did not do the trick.   I had taken the screenshots while my docking cable was connected and, as a result, the answer did not immediately hit me.  Once I disconnected my iPad and reconnected it (in Windows), the Scanner and Camera Wizard launched, which then downloads the pictures.  You can also open the Wizard by going to Start->Programs->Accessories.

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