A Tablet For Business Users

In a previous post, I discussed my experience setting my iPad up for use at work.  As a result of that experience, I concluded that the iPad is not something many businesses would be able to set up  and save money.  I do believe that there is a need within business for mobile employees to have a tool that is more portable than a laptop.  Something running Windows would certainly integrate into my workday much more easily.  But sadly, the Microsoft camp has been very slow to produce anything with the portability and power that comes even close to the iPad.  Maybe that’s about to change.  There is much talk from Dell, HP and other vendors that they are releasing various tablet platforms, but they have been very slow to release a viable product.  When they do, each and every one is being compared to the iPad and falling very short.

I recently learned of a new “tablet” running Windows 7 called the nPad made by Nexocial.  It is the first Tablet PC, that I have seen, that truly is designed to have the touch screen be the primary source of interaction.  Based on the technical specs, the speed and performance are roughly similar to a normal desktop computer.  I found a demonstration video YouTube that shows the capabilities and performance of the nPad.

As you can see, the performance and responsiveness of the interface appears to be very solid.  Let’s dig into the technical specs.

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