From the Trenches – Clean Install Using Windows 7 Upgrade

My personal computer came with Windows Vista.  Most pre-installed computers also come with a ton of applications that nobody will ever use, mine is no exception.  Running a spyware detection on my computer, right after doing a system restore, warns of several applications that are “potential” spyware.  So, when I have the opportunity to re-install I prefer to use the latest upgrade I purchased, rather than doing a system restore and upgrading.  Doing a Windows 7 install from upgrade media has proven to be a little difficult.  Microsoft has changed the process such that an upgade cannot be used to do a clean install.  I understand the reasoning, everyone would purchase the lower cost upgrade – and do a clean install, thereby getting the full version for less.

The installer does not tell you this is a problem until you have formatted your drive, installed the new version and are trying to enter the product key.  Once you get to that point you’re, quite literally, stuck.  So what do you do?  You do have options, any of which are workable depending on your scenario.  These were my choices:

  1. Call Microsoft Tech Support
  2. Install Windows 7 upgrade, then upgrade the Windows 7 upgrade
  3. Install from the recovery CD or Original OS, and then do the upgrade

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