Gallery1 Upgrade and Migration to Gallery2

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series A More Capable Website

In the previous article I outlined my plan for setting up my wife’s new website.  The end goal is a website that will be easy for her to work with and not require her to dig into the meat of the website to achieve her goals, and really… not require me to write a lot of code or troubleshoot weird integrations.

The first steps in the process are to upgrade Gallery1 to the latest version and then upgrade to Gallery2.


Upgrading Gallery1 to the latest version seemed like a pretty straight-forward process.  Download the most recent version and overwrite the old version.  But things are never that easy, are they.  Quite a bit of time has passed since I managed my wife’s site, and I did not remember her passwords.  In fact, I’ve gone through 3 computers since she stopped using it – which means the likelihood that I had the passwords saved somewhere was greatly diminished.  I know, from past experience, that Gallery1 has a password recovery feature.  I’ll be making use of that in this process.

Before I did anything, I performed a full backup of my wife’s entire site.  This ensured if something went wrong, I could start over with minimal brain damage.

First step is to download the most recent version of Gallery1.  For that, I went to  The site also provides excellent instructions for the upgrade.  Rather than retype the whole process, it is safe to say that I followed the directions provided to the letter.  The link to the instructions I followed is here:

I did end up doing the password recovery, which the upgrade process was kind enough to provide instructions for.  (Fair warning, if you need to do this shell access is the easiest way)

The fact is, that I could have skipped this step.  However, the Gallery2 Migration instructions called out a couple of integrity tools that were not available in the version I had.


Once the upgrade was complete and I tested the gallery completely.  Every picture, every album.  The Gallery2 migration process requires moving everything around, so I backed it all up again.

Starting back at we will now download the latest version of Gallery2.

I then read the migration instructions four or five times, just to be sure I understood it and have everything I needed.  Here’s the shortcut to them:

The process involves moving your Gallery1 installation to a new folder, reconfiguring it then installing Gallery2 and finally importing the Gallery1 information.

Again, the instructions are complete and I feel that my retyping them would muddy the waters and cause confusion.  Should you be following them and run into issues, which I did, Google your issue.  I found answers to everything I ran into.

I did find the section under Preserving Gallery1 URLs to be a little confusing.  Here’s what it boiled down to.  Your Gallery1 install has probably been indexed by Search Engines.  In order to ensure that any incoming links are working you can have Gallery2 write an incredibly complex .htaccess file that will remap any of those links to the same images in your new Gallery2 install.

Post install, I did run into a few other issues with Themes on the new gallery.  This was mostly because I needed to add back into the site the web analytics software that I use.  While I understand the reasons, it bothers me when applications can’t seem to stay on one name for something.  In Gallery2, the Admin page has Themes.  Before you can use a Theme you have to activate it as a Module.  To edit it you have to modify a Template file.  On top of that, you have to clear the custom cache that Gallery2 has in order to see your Theme as well as every time you make a change.  Yes, I know – you can turn the cache off.

At any rate, Gallery2 is now up and running along side a moved Gallery1.  I kept them both, because the migration of data seemed to have problems translating the descriptions and titles over.  My wife will need the old gallery so that she can find the correct information when she comes across import errors.

Next, we move on to the new domain and install WordPress and configure the basics.

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A More Capable Website

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series A More Capable Website

I am setting my wife up with a new website for ScrapBooking. One of the things she wants to do is showcase techniques and explain some of the things that she does. After looking at several platforms, I determined that WordPress is probably going to be ideal for her. There are many plugins that can add functionality that you don’t generally see on many ScrapBook sites. But the other factor is that I know WordPress, so I can find solutions for things she wants to do.

The Old Site & Plan

On her old website, she had a Gallery1 setup. Gallery1 is no longer being developed and has quite a few security issues.  My wife had take a while off from ScrapBooking and her site was kept up, but had been spammed with comments on her pictures.  Additionally, the old website was running on PHP4, which my web host will no be longer supporting.

My wife wanted to keep her old artwork, and build the content from there.  However, getting it out of Gallery (whichever version) would be necessary.  So the question was – how do we achieve that?

Clearly transitioning to a new website will require several steps to get there.  I did the research to identify the issues I would run into and determine the migration process


  • Per my host, WordPress will not work on PHP4.
  • The version of Gallery1 on my wife’s site will not work with PHP5.
  • Gallery2 will work on the version of PHP4 running on my wife’s site.
  • Gallery2 integration into WordPress is a kludge.  It works, but it is not easy to maintain and very buggy.
  • Identify an appropriate Gallery solution for WordPress


  • Upgrade Gallery1 to latest version
  • Migrate to Gallery2 (latest version)
  • Set Up WordPress on the new site
  • Test Gallery2->WordPress Integration
  • Identify Gallery Solution
  • Migrate Graphics & Integrate with WordPress

The New Site

The New Site will be a wonderful blend of WordPress and supporting plugins.  This will allow my wife to create HowTo articles, publish her amazingly creative artwork and ultimately provide a market avenue for advertising and maybe e-commerce.

Software & Plugins

  • WordPress with the usual plugins (Akismet, SiteXML, Polls, Messaging, etc)
  • WP e-Commerce – For the eventual addition of artwork sales
  • eBay Plugin – As my wife sells on eBay already, it would be good to list and link her auctions on her site.
  • Gallery Plugin – TBD – This will be determined after testing of various gallery options.

So that’s the plan.  Next, we’ll cover the migration of Gallery.

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