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I have spent the past couple weekends setting up a new website for my wife.  Some of her requirements including moving her old artwork to the new site and being able to provide smooth experience for herself and anyone visiting her site.  My solution was to set the site up with WordPress and a multitude of plugins that would accomplish her goals.

This weekend, I focused on making her Gallery work.  I spent several hours playing with a few Gallery “wrappers” that take the current Gallery and embed it into the WordPress site.  Unfortunately, none of these gave the experience I knew my wife was expecting.  On one of my many Google searches, I chanced upon a module for Gallery2 called Gallery2Flickr.  Flickr, as I’m sure you know, is a photo sharing website.  Upon doing a little research, I found that this module can export Albums from Gallery2 into Flickr.  After setting my wife up with a Flickr account, I commenced with installing the module.

I’m not going to kid you here, the module’s documentation was terrible and most people that had posts about it did not feel the need to explain how to make it work.  I finally found the web page with much better documentation here:

After getting it all set up, I still could not publish the pictures to Flickr.  More searching found that there is a bug in one of the php files.  The fix can be found here:

So, I now have the Gallery2 pictures importing into Flickr.  Now to get them out of Flickr and into WordPress.

I found the best possible Flickr integration in a plugin called Flickr Gallery.  The documentation was spot on and after installing and going through the setup, I now have the Artwork on the new website.

Next, I’ll be working on getting eBay information included in the website.

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