Listing eBay Auctions

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I have gone through a pretty lengthy process to set my wife’s new website up.  So far, I have upgraded her Gallery1 installation to Gallery2, setup and themed a WordPress install and moved her Gallery into Flickr so that it could be embedded into WordPress.

Since my wife is also planning on selling her artwork on eBay, I wanted to make sure she’d have some visibility into her auctions on her website as well.  Nothing like social marketing!

This was probably the easiest part of the whole process.  There are lots of eBay plugins, so I picked one with good ratings.  I finally picked eBaySalesLister, which installed in two easy steps.  Once set up, it will display eBay auctions for any given eBay username.

And that ends my work for this weekend, and starts my wife’s work.  With everything I’ve done, she now has a long list of artwork to update and auctions to list.  Once she’s gotten going, I’m sure there will be changes that need to be done.

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