Ubuntu File Maintenance

Windows users frequently need to perform maintenance on their systems in order to ensure disk space is reclaimed.  These tasks usually involve tasks like, deleting temporary files, removing uninstallers, clearing cache files, defragmenting, etc… While Ubuntu has many of these functions built in, or doesn’t cause them in the first place, it is sometimes necessary to do a little maintenance to clean things up.

I have dug up a few tasks that generally amount to clean up tasks in Ubuntu.  It is worth noting that, unlike Windows, Ubuntu’s file system should not need to be defragmented.  I have heard of a few tools that do something like defragmentation, but the general consensus is that you don’t need them.

Most of the cleanup that needs to be manually done revolves around the removal of old programs and the installer (aptitude) data.  Most of this is kept, by design, so that if needed in the future it will be local instead of downloading the files again.  But, if you need the disk space, here are a few cleanup items.

  • Clean Up Residual Config Packages
  • Clean Up Partial Packages
  • Remove Unnecessary Locale Data
  • Clean Up Orphaned Files
  • Extra:  Clean Up Orphaned Files via Synaptic Package Manager

Whenever I have seen questions around recovering disk space, these are the common responses.  Ready?  Let’s do it!
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