NetApp Simulator CDOT 8.2 – Add Extra Network Interfaces

For some complex setups, you may want to test some extra network configurations on your NetApp Simulator.  Adding the network interfaces may seem simple enough in VMware Workstation, but you are likely to get an error message stating “Cannot assign available PCI slot to ethernet5.  There are no more PCI slots available in the virtual machine.”







This can easily be fixed by editing the VMX file for your virtual machine.  First, click OK on the error if you have not done so already.

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NetApp Simulator CDOT 8.2 – Recipe: Add SSD & More Disks

I’ve used NetApp 7-Mode simulators in the past.  However, after attending Cluster Mode 8.2 Administration class, I wanted to have some good Cluster Mode simulators to practice on before I took the test.  I’m going to post some recipes for how I “enhanced” my simulators for my study needs.  This particular recipe involves removing the default disks that come with the simulator and adding a shelf of 500MB SSD and 3 shelves of 9GB disks.  This will provide more disks for aggregates at a larger capacity and allow for configuring FlexCache and Hybrid Volumes.

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