Usable VPN on Droid

When I purchased my Droid, I immediately began comparing it to my iPhone.  The general absence of features that I took for granted, on my iPhone, started me down a road to set things right and make my Droid what I wanted it to be.

So what were my key needs?  Now to be fair, even the iPhone couldn’t & can’t do some of this.

  • VPN Connectivity to Cisco ASA – I need this for work
  • Microsoft Exchange Global Address List Search – I need this for work
  • Pinch Zoom – It’s just cool
  • Act as a WiFi hotspot  – share the 3G connection over wifi

Over the past couple weeks, I have achieved all but one of these features.  That last item being VPN.  Android does come with a VPN client, but it does not support connections that require a group and shared password in addition to username and password.  There are lots of complaints on the Google Code site, but as of update 2.1 nothing has been produced by Google to fix this.

The reality is, if you need something for Android wait a couple weeks and some intrepid developer will also need it and make it.  Or you could learn to code yourself and do it, thus becoming that intrepid developer.  So after waiting, and searching, I finally hit upon a plan that would give me the VPN access I need.

Ready?  Here we go!

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