NetApp Simulator CDOT 8.2 – Network Configuration

The NetApp Simulator Install & Setup Guide has some pretty vague instructions on how to setup the network for your simulator.  I decided I’d try a few different configurations and see which one work for my needs.  I landed on a fully NAT network vs a hybrid with Host only and Bridged networks.  The main benefit of the NAT network is that I can access all the devices from their host only IP w/o doing anything special (VMware routes the traffic via a Virtual Network Interface).

When you install VMware workstation, it creates a NAT virtual network for you.  The VMnet number is random, as is the subnet it will use (contained as a Class C subnet within  So the first step is to determine which VMnet is your NAT and what the subnet is.  To do this, launch the Virtual Network Editor which was installed as part of VMware Workstation.  For VMware Workstation 10 running on Windows 8.1, it should look something like this:



You are now looking for the line that says VMnet# NAT NAT.  In my case, it’s VMnet8.

You can click on the VMnet that is your NAT network to see more detail.



If you don’t like the subnet that was randomly selected, you can change it to something else.  I did changed mine to

There’s a final bit of information you’ll need to know here.  Click the button for NAT Settings…



This shows you that your Default Gateway is not the normal .1 or .254 address, but .2.  In my case,

Once you’re written down your IP information, you can plan your cluster setup.  Here’s what I did:

Cluster Management (NAC01):
Cluster Node 1 (NAC01-01):
Cluster Node 2 (NAC01-02):

Go ahead and OK/Exit from the Virtual Network Editor.

For this article, I’m just going to reference the standard NetApp CDOT 8.2 configuration.  I will do another article that explains how to add more NICs to your Simulator.  I’m also going to assume you’ve already done the following:

  1. If you have not already done so, go to and register an account and log in.
  2. Download the 8.2 Simulator: Downloads > Product Evaluations > Data ONTAP Simulator > Simulator 8.x > VMware Workstation (I would also suggest downloading the PDF instructions and keys for the Simulator you are running. )
  3. Unpack the Simulator using 7-Zip or something like it. (Do this step twice if you are building a cluster)
  4. Name your unpacked simulator folders something you can recognize. I used “NAC01-01 and NAC01-02 (NetApp Custer 01 Node 01 & 02)
  5. Add the simulators to your inventory in VMware Workstation

Now that you have the simulator imported, you should see it on your inventory menu.  Right click on it and select Settings… You should then see this exact configuration:


One by one, select each of the Network Adapters, and change their Network Connect to your VMnet that is configured for NAT.  (I think you can use the NAT network, without VMNet option, but I did not test that.)








Once the changes are done, you can click OK to save the changes.

When you boot up, you can then configure your CDOT 8.2 Simulator using the IP’s you defined and access them w/o setting any NAT rules.  If you want other computers on your network to access your Simulator, you will need to configure some NAT rules or change to the management interface to bridged and reconfigure your cluster.

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