Google Calendars and iPad

When I originaly wrote my article on Google Calendars on iPad, I didn’t think about shared calendars.  My wife and I share our calendars but have never really taken advantage of that option.  We’ve recently decided that more organization is better.  As a result, I went to my iPad to update my calendar… and realized that shared calendars were not visible.

After doing some investigation using my favorite search engine, I found many articles outlining a process of setting up the iPad to use Exchange to connect to GMail, then going to and selecting your device/calendars.  All of them pointed to Google’s own instructions, which seemed like the right way to go.

After several attempts I realized the instructions were flawed/wrong or something had changed.

  • On my iPad, going to told me I needed to backup my iPad.  After following that process, I still could go no further.
  • Following a process of setting Safari into developer mode and activating sync on it, had the same result.
  • In both cases, I should have been prompted to log into but no option was there.

After quite a bit more digging, I found a forum post that discussed the same problem.  Basically, it sounds like Google changed something and did not update their docs.  Fortunately, some intrepid user figured out the fix and shared it, just as I am going to do here.  (The more that know… the better)

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