Microsoft Patches – April 2010

It’s time to patch those servers and workstations again.  I figured I’d take a preview of how big the workload was going to be.  Lots of critical patches released this month.  I’m sure I don’t need to get on a soapbox about patching your home computers as well…

Patch # Affected Reference KB Microsoft Rating
MS10-019 Vulnerabilities in Windows Authenticode Verification
Authenticode KB 981210 Severity: Critical
MS10-020 Vulnerabilities in SMB Client (Replaces MS10-006 )
SMB Client KB 980232 Severity: Critical
MS10-021 Privilege Elevation Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel (Replaces MS10-015 )
Windows Kernel KB 979683 Severity: Important
MS10-022 Vulnerability in VBScript Engine
VBScript KB 981169 Severity: Critical
MS10-023 Vulnerability in Microsoft Office Publisher (Replaces MS08-027 MS09-030 )
Publisher KB 981160 Severity: Important
MS10-024 DoS Vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange and SMTP Service
Exchange, SMTP Service KB 981832 Severity: Important
MS10-025 Vulnerability in Micorsoft Windows Media Services
Windows Meida Services KB 980858 Severity: Critical
MS10-026 Vulnerability in Microsoft MPEG Layer 3 Codec
MPEG Layer 3 Codec KB 977816 Severity: Critical
MS10-027 Vulnerability in Windows Media Player (Replaces MS07-047 )
Windows Media Player KB 979402 Severity: Critical
MS10-028 Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Visio (Replaces MS09-062 MS09-005 )
Windows Media Player KB 980094 Severity: Critical
MS10-029 ISATAP Spoofing Vulnerability
ISATAP KB 978338 Severity: Moderate

Credit: The SANS Internet Storm Center puts together a reference of the patches every month. I frequent their site for extra details when I am compiling my patch list.

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