Configuring LAMP on Ubuntu

LAMP is an acronym that defines a group of applications to provide basic web services. Those services are Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. There are variants for Windows (WAMP), MacOS (MAMP) and Solaris (SAMP), along with a variety of instructions on how to install them.  Any *AMP platform will allow you to run programs such as WordPress, phpBB, Joomla and many other applications like these.

So what really makes up LAMP?

Linux – Typically, any distribution will work. This article will focus on setting up the “AMP” portion of LAMP and assumes you already have Ubuntu up and running and thus have no need for the “L”.

Apache – Apache is one of the more common, if not most common, web servers on the Internet. The software is open source and maintained by the Apache Foundation. You could use other web server applications, but then that would not be LAMP.

MySQL – MySQL is a very powerful Open Source database server. It is owned and maintained by MySQL AB, which is owned by Sun Microsystems, which is now a subsidiary of Oracle.

PHP – PHP is a scripting language that helps to drive many of the web applications we all use. It provides for the ability to create logic and dynamic content in your web pages. It’s relatively easy to learn and a plethora of books exist that can teach you the basics quickly.

That’s the back story, let’s  get to the install…

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Ubuntu File Maintenance

Windows users frequently need to perform maintenance on their systems in order to ensure disk space is reclaimed.  These tasks usually involve tasks like, deleting temporary files, removing uninstallers, clearing cache files, defragmenting, etc… While Ubuntu has many of these functions built in, or doesn’t cause them in the first place, it is sometimes necessary to do a little maintenance to clean things up.

I have dug up a few tasks that generally amount to clean up tasks in Ubuntu.  It is worth noting that, unlike Windows, Ubuntu’s file system should not need to be defragmented.  I have heard of a few tools that do something like defragmentation, but the general consensus is that you don’t need them.

Most of the cleanup that needs to be manually done revolves around the removal of old programs and the installer (aptitude) data.  Most of this is kept, by design, so that if needed in the future it will be local instead of downloading the files again.  But, if you need the disk space, here are a few cleanup items.

  • Clean Up Residual Config Packages
  • Clean Up Partial Packages
  • Remove Unnecessary Locale Data
  • Clean Up Orphaned Files
  • Extra:  Clean Up Orphaned Files via Synaptic Package Manager

Whenever I have seen questions around recovering disk space, these are the common responses.  Ready?  Let’s do it!
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Microsoft Patches – April 2010

It’s time to patch those servers and workstations again.  I figured I’d take a preview of how big the workload was going to be.  Lots of critical patches released this month.  I’m sure I don’t need to get on a soapbox about patching your home computers as well…

Patch # Affected Reference KB Microsoft Rating
MS10-019 Vulnerabilities in Windows Authenticode Verification
Authenticode KB 981210 Severity: Critical
MS10-020 Vulnerabilities in SMB Client (Replaces MS10-006 )
SMB Client KB 980232 Severity: Critical
MS10-021 Privilege Elevation Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel (Replaces MS10-015 )
Windows Kernel KB 979683 Severity: Important
MS10-022 Vulnerability in VBScript Engine
VBScript KB 981169 Severity: Critical
MS10-023 Vulnerability in Microsoft Office Publisher (Replaces MS08-027 MS09-030 )
Publisher KB 981160 Severity: Important
MS10-024 DoS Vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange and SMTP Service
Exchange, SMTP Service KB 981832 Severity: Important
MS10-025 Vulnerability in Micorsoft Windows Media Services
Windows Meida Services KB 980858 Severity: Critical
MS10-026 Vulnerability in Microsoft MPEG Layer 3 Codec
MPEG Layer 3 Codec KB 977816 Severity: Critical
MS10-027 Vulnerability in Windows Media Player (Replaces MS07-047 )
Windows Media Player KB 979402 Severity: Critical
MS10-028 Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Visio (Replaces MS09-062 MS09-005 )
Windows Media Player KB 980094 Severity: Critical
MS10-029 ISATAP Spoofing Vulnerability
ISATAP KB 978338 Severity: Moderate

Credit: The SANS Internet Storm Center puts together a reference of the patches every month. I frequent their site for extra details when I am compiling my patch list.

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iPad – My Review

Maybe I am a lemming, maybe not.  At any rate, I did go out yesterday with a plan to purchase an iPad.  I will start by saying that I loved my iPhone, the only reason I gave it up was AT&T.  Had the iPhone been on Verizon, I would have kept it.  I see a lot of potential with the iPad, as well as the other tablets, I also see a lot of gaps.  I decided to write about my initial experience, before it faded into fanboi bliss.

The act of getting an iPad would seem to be the easy part, but it wasn’t.  The nearest Apple Store is not as close as a BestBuy with an Apple Kiosk.  So I went online to and made sure they had the model I want in stock.  I fiddled around for another hour or two, called Rich to partake in the “experience”, and then headed on over to pick one up.  When I got there, I was told that they did not have it in stock; naturally I commented on the error on their website.  I was then told they do have them in stock but Apple won’t let them sell until Sunday.  All because an advertisement is coming out on Sunday and they need them in stock for that.  As Rich and I were leaving the store, a manager overheard us talking and asked us about it.  To BestBuy’s credit, the manager  (I wish I had remembered her name) did everything she could to see if one could be released.  No luck there, so it’s off to the Apple Store.

The Apple Store was a zoo!  I don’t remember ever seeing so many people there.  Despite all that, Apple has the sales process down and we were in and out within 20 minutes.  Now I have an iPad, go ahead and call me a lemming;  you know you want one too.  🙂

So after powering on my Windows virtual machine and loading iTunes, I proceeded to activate my iPad.  The process was pretty striaghforward, just like an iPod or iPhone. Now the fun starts.

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