Foray into Fedora – iTunes (a.k.a. Jeff vs iTunes) Round 1

As I’m sure my wife will tell you, I’m not one to settle with anything.  I have used iTunes since before Apple released a Windows version.  So not only do I have a matter of pride to make iTunes work on Linux, but I have a significant investment in DRM coded music to protect.  The alternative being burn all that music CD, rip and then reapply the ID3 tags.  (not exactly my idea of a fun weekend)

As of the writing of this post iTunes 8.01 is the current version.  My goal will, of course, be to run the latest version of iTunes on Linux.

I have started round one of Jeff vs iTunes using Crossover Office and my now, very workable Fedora 9 install.  I built a custom Windows XP (templated) bottle to hold the iTunes install – and really, I hoped that it would just work.  After the time it took to get WoW working, I was really hoping for a quick win… but NOOOOO… iTunes spent about 20 minutes churning it’s wheels, with no results.

Finally, the installer finished – and in no uncertain terms told me that it would not install.  I’m going to call it a night (still elated about getting WoW to work).  Tomorrow I will try a few other options with iTunes.  (be warned, I may cheat a little).  For the record, Round 1 goes to iTunes.

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